Water Damage Restoration In Quitman, TX

Water Damage Can Devastate Your Home. We Can Restore It.

A flash flood or sudden plumbing disaster can wreak havoc on your home and your family.

Flood damage can destroy your possessions, your home, and your land. It’s indiscriminate about what it destroys. If something gets in the way of a flood, it will get destroyed.

Flood damage is overwhelming. There’s always so much of it, and problems still crop up even months after the event that caused the flood.

When you’re facing damage like this, you need a professional.

Bird’s Restoration & Cleaning offers total water damage restoration services in Quitman, TX.

No matter how bad you think it is, we can help.

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Why Use A Professional Water Mitigation Company?

After a flood, it can be tempting to clean up and restore your own home.

Most people think that they’ll save some money if they do it by themselves or with a few friends, but most of the time a non-professional can’t handle a water remediation job.

It requires specialized training to learn how to:

Identify Structural Damage

Water damage can penetrate deep into your home, affecting structural beams. Long-term, this could lead to dramatic complications with your home’s integrity.

Remove All Mold & Fungus

Mold can grow anywhere the conditions are right for it, and that includes places that a non-professional might not be able to find, get to, or clean.

Monitor Air Quality

Damp areas can cause health problems and mold infestations. A professional water restoration specialist will be able to monitor and improve air quality.

Clean, Sanitize, Deodorize

A water removal professional will remove water, clean the area, then sanitize it. They’ll get all of the mildew smell out and fully restore your home.

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Water Restoration Process


After you call us we’ll visit your home for an inspection. We’ll also tarp up any exposed rooms in your home.

Water Remediation

The first step to getting your home back is removing all the standing water in and around the property.

Damaged Material Removal

Once we’ve cleared the water we’ll remove property and material that is too damaged to salvage.


The hard part. We go over every inch of your home that’s been affected by water damage.


We sanitize your entire home to ensure that mold, mildew, and odors don’t have a place to grow.


We use industrial dryers to remove the water that’s been absorbed by porous materials.


We check on your home as we’re drying it to ensure that no moisture remains after we’re finished.

Final Repairs

After our services are completed, your home may need sheetrock, flooring, and other structural elements replaced.

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Commercial Water Restoration In Quitman, TX

We don’t just help restore your homes. We can also help if your business has been affected by floods or a catastrophic plumbing failure.

Commercial water remediation requires attention to the type of business being served. The professionals at Birds’ Restoration & Cleaning are IICRC certified in water restoration, and we adhere to the standards and policies laid down by them.

We also understand that you’re losing money every day your business is closed. We always work fast to get you back up and running. You can depend on it.

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We live and work in Quitman, TX because we want to be there for our neighbors when the unthinkable happens.

We’re neighbors, and if you enlist us to provide water remediation services we’ll treat you that way.

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