Air Duct Cleaning In Quitman, TX

Keep Your Family Safe & Healthy With Regular Air Duct Cleaning

If you live in Texas, you’re running the air conditioner a lot. Good AC is a way of life here. A necessity.

Unfortunately, without regular cleaning and maintenance, your HVAC system will introduce mold, dust, allergens, and pet dander into your home.

While your air filter will keep out some, it’s inevitable that mold and dust will collect in your ductwork and on your vents.

Aside from being unsightly, this will dramatically lower the air quality of your home, exaggerating seasonal allergies and making it difficult to breathe freely.

Bird’s Restoration & Cleaning can help. We provide air duct cleaning services that will give you better air quality..

We offer full-service AC vent cleaning in Quitman, TX and our patented system will ensure that your vents and ducts are free from dust, mold, dander, and allergens.

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When Should I Get Professional Duct Cleaning?

It Has Been 3 Years Since An Air Duct Cleaning

No matter how good your air filter is, some dust and dander are going to get past it and build up in your ducts & vents.

Your Home Has Undergone Construction

Interior or exterior, construction kicks up a lot of dirt, and it’s possible that something harmful gets in your HVAC system.

You Have Pets Or Are A Heavy Smoker

Pet dander will increase the amount of dust and smells in your home, all of which will find their way into your system.

Air Flow Has Stopped

If you notice that air has stopped flowing from a vent, there could be a blockage that cleaning will clear out.

You See Signs Of Dust, Mold, Or Vermin

If you see dust collecting on your vents soon after cleaning them, then your ducts are probably very dirty and need cleaning.

If your ac ducts need cleaning, contact Birds Restoration & Cleaning today and let us help you improve your air quality and provide peace of mind.

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How We Clean Your Air Ducts


We begin each air duct cleaning by inspecting your home, ducts, vents, and AC unit.

Prepare Vents & Ducts

We ensure that the seals on your vents and the integrity of your ducts can withstand our cleaning.

Negative Pressure

We use a specialized “vacuum” that simultaneously gets rid of dust while sealing your indoor vents.

Spot Removal

We conclude by using a brush to clear away stubborn dirt, grime, mold, or other contaminants.

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